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“Totlawi Noyaotl” Our Land, My Enemy (Linocut)

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“Totlalwi Noyaotl”
Náhuatl for “Our Land, My Enemy”

People enjoy the act and imagery of burning churches, but no one talks about burning Spanish Missions.

In a land we refer to as the “U.S.” stole the already occupied indigenous land, it then developed cancerous tumors that we know as the Spanish missions, spreading throughout the rest of their land. It metastasized as a religious plague that corrupted human history since the inception of this fictitious and plagiarized nonsense we call Christianity.

Remember whose land you occupy.
For all these churches and “temples” erected, they stand on top of bloodstains and murdered indigenous people.

This print measures 9” x 11” in on Nepalese Lokta paper & 8” x 11” in. on antique bible pages.

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