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Retribution (Linocut)


Western folklore tends to be romanticized through media and film, but the American frontier and its’ history was far from anything glamorous, exciting, and commendable.

I absolutely love Westerns, I’ve been meaning to approach and create work inspired by the Wild West aesthetics. Being from California, I enjoy reading about its rich history and knowing more about whose land I am on. Coming from an indigenous family, it’s very important to acknowledge the hardships native Americans have endured, as we share trauma in some form.
With some pieces I create within this theme, I’d like to create narratives that demonize the church, the antithesis of “manifest destiny”, to reimagine the folklore through blasphemy or how someone else called it, a godless west.

Defacing Christian iconography and sacrilege is what I do best. The narrative behind this piece is heavily inspired by the song Burning churches by @meandthatman also as a tribute to the artist himself @nergal69 holding the iron as seen in @behemothofficial O Father O Satan O Sun video.

Print is all carved by hand, and printed on handmade Nepalese Lokta paper. Measures 10” x 8” in.

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