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Eagle, Quetzal, & Condor Woodcut Series

$15.00 - $50.00

Since being exposed to the magick of @nightofthepalemoonx at their Gathering of the Eagle & Condor ceremony, the experience was so profound and life altering, I have never been the same since.

Music plays such an integral role in my life and with how I express my visual art. This album of great significance marks a pivotal role with the inspiration and intention of where I’d like to go with my art and its’ purpose. Aside from the art, I felt inspired to delve deeper within myself and to unapologetically embrace the sacred blood that runs through my veins and learn the language of my family. I share my work for all to enjoy, and to honor and uplift fellow native relatives.
I owe lots to the impact of this band, album, and collective!

Printed on various papers either Nepali Lokta, Thai Kozo, or Thai Banana paper