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Chipahua Embroirdered patch


Chipahua. In Náhuatl, is the act of cleansing or to purify.

Upon first glance, to the average person, some of my work may seem like blatant unwarranted blasphemy and utter disrespect. But I have reason from anguish and deep rooted fury.

I further dechristianize and void baptism in acts of Chipahua of the self by bathing in the sacred fumes of copalli, learning my family’s languages, and pursue the life of an artisan like my Mixtec ancestors have.

I tell narratives to share and it’s an honor for you to receive them to enjoy.

I look forward to sharing these new items to adorn yourselves with.
A burning campanario (the bell tower of a Spanish mission) to be available as embroidered patches on black, and on serape material. These will be made with the help of my good friend @bridge_dwelling_creations !

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