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Cain Murders Abel (Linocut)

$20.00 - $30.00

“By your left hand
Green was stained red to bring forth the Black”

On this Good Friday, I am proud to unveil a piece of utmost significance. Based from the book of Genesis 4:1-16 & another esoteric book of the Qayinite tradition, in short, Cain slaughters his brother in retaliation for praising a False God. It led to the Awakening of his Daemonic self. The blood sacrifice is then accepted, and he is then revealed the role as Qayin The Left Handed Harvester, The Bringer of Death, The First Tiller of the Earth, The First Killer of Man.

The process of this piece has taken the shortest amount of time, despite the level of detail. I am very proud of this piece and am very excited to unveil it to you all.

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