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Commissions Welcome

Relief printmaking is a time consuming, painstaking, and arduous process!

It is very expressive, dynamic, and overall a beautiful medium to indulge in all of its incredible detail upon the finished product. 

I wish to bring to light this medium within the metal scene, I offer my services to create album cover/sleeve/gatefold art, merch designs, logos, and more. I welcome artists of psychadelia, the underground metal, Americana, Southern Gothic, or any serious musician who walks among the shadows. 

I also work with digital illustrations!

Feel free to inquire and shoot me an email and let’s work on a wicked project.

Inquiry & Pricing

Pricing is determined by scale, quantity of designs, and how intricate the project may be.

Please be aware that printmaking is a slow process, if you would like a large or detailed product by a deadline, inquire as far in advance as possible. At least 5 months before.

A digital illustration otherwise, would be available far sooner. But would still require a heads up in advance for multiple draft revisions.

I require a non-refundable $50 down-payment to cover costs of material in order to get started (For printmaking).

$30 non-refundable deposit for digital illustrations

I accept PayPal only. 

Process & Communication

While working on the project, I maintain frequent communication of updates and feedback to ensure total satisfaction of the project. 

I will send as many drafts, updates, and process photos/videos to keep you in the loop of what stage the project is in at the moment. 

Finished Product, Shipping, & Digital Copies

Upon the finished product, and payment is fulfilled, I will send you the original print(s) to you. I can offer to send you the lino sheet/woodblock itself for you to keep, I just ask for an added fee to cover shipping costs.

I can also offer to vectorize the image for you to use instantly and will then email those to you.

Digital works will be emailed and sent via DropBox or WeTransfer to preserve its’ optimal quality.

Copyright & Use

While this piece may take dozens of hours, weeks, or months to complete, it is rightfully yours, but I will always maintain total rights to all of my work.

You cannot drastically alter the image or have it remade whatsoever. 

I do ask to be tagged in all posts on all social media platforms and credited accordingly.


  • Nephilim's Noose
  • Green Hell
  • Chancellor Edington
  • Tzompantli